How to Wave on Facebook

My dear friends, In How to Wave on messenger article, I will give you information about the Waving emoji, how, when, and why the wave is used.

In the year 2014, Facebook had a Waving emoji feature in the Messenger application. On Facebook Messenger, anyone uses the Facebook Wave button to connect with the person on their friend list.

When you start a conversation with your friend or someone, a moving yellow colored hand is seen which is used for a “Hi” or “Hello”. Sending this wave or moving hand icon works best to get that friend’s attention at the same time.

First of all, let me tell you that the option of a clear wave is not present on Facebook’s website or mobile application. The option of Wave is only present in the Messenger application and its website.

To send Waving emoji, you have to download and install the Messenger application from Play Store on your mobile or you have to open on your browser if you want to use Messenger on the computer.

If you open Messenger on your mobile or website, then you will have to log in to the Facebook account in it.

After logging into mobile, you will have the permission show of Found Your Phone Contacts on Messenger. In it, you will have the option of Turn on and not now towards the bottom of the mobile screen. You have to select Turn On. And all permission has to be given.

After that, you will be logged into Messenger and a list of your Facebook account friend will appear in front of you.

Your Facebook friends who are using Facebook will be online shows in Messenger. Your friend’s profile picture will have a small green colored dot so that you can identify that it is online.

Now clicking on whatever friend is online, you will open the chat screen and there will be a Waving emoji (Yellow Hand) show on that screen. You can send it by clicking on the wave. That wave will be received in your friend’s messenger and the wave will appear.

How to Wave on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Open the Messenger app on your android or other smartphones.

How to Respond to a Wave on Messenger

Step 2: After the Messenger application is open, click on the people as mentioned in a picture above.

how to wave on facebook

Step 3: Click on Active as described in the picture above. By clicking on active, you will get a list of all your Facebook friends online on Facebook.

how to wave on messenger

Step 4: A gray-colored wave hand will appear in front of all your online friends, as mentioned in the picture above.

Step 5: Clicking on the hand of that gray color will become yellow.

how to wave on messenger apps

Step 6: And this wave or yellow color hand will be your friend received in his Messenger Application.

This hand is considered like a Hi or Hello.

Steps How to Respond to a Wave on Messenger

Step 1: After your friend gets the notification of the wave message, your friend will open the messenger application.

Step 2: Your sent yellow hand will appear in the Friend’s Messenger application and will be written below it “abc is waving at you” and “Tap to wave back”.

Step 3: After this, your friend will Tap on the wave back.

Step 4: After this, both will see a message “You and ABC (Your Friend) waved at each other”.

How to Wave Back on Messenger

If you do by mistake send a wave to someone on Facebook Messenger.  And you want to delete or wave back. So you do not need to be panic, it is possible. To delete the wave hand Emoji, open the conversation and long press on the wave hand Emoji icon. After that, you will get two options, in that you tap on remove and choose “Remove for everyone”.

how to Send wave on messenger

No Wave Button on Messenger 2020

This Wave hand Emoji will be deleted and remove the wave from the recipient’s chat window. The thing to note here is that you have to delete the wave action within 5 minutes, or else you will not be able to delete the message sent. If you delete after 5 minutes, only the wave will be deleted in its own chat window.

How to Send Waving emoji in Messenger Website

  • If you want to interact with a Facebook friend or send a Wave hand Emoji message and do not have any type of smartphone, you can do this by opening in your computer’s browser.
  • After opening this website, you will have to log in to continue as XYZ (your name) or Facebook login, after which you can send the wave message according to the steps mentioned above.

How to Wave multiple times in Messenger

If your friend is not answering your Wave once, then you need to send the Wave a second time. But in the Messenger application, the option to send a Wave message is given only once. So what to do now. It has a simple trick with which you can send Wave hand Emoji to your same friend again and again.

Step 1: First of all send a wave message to a friend in a normal way.

Step 2: Now if you want to send a wave to the same friend, then you have to click on the back or tap on Chats.

Step 3: Now tap 5 sec the name of the same friend.

Step 4: Now many options will come in front of you, in that you have to delete all the conversation by tapping on delete.

Step 5: After that, now you have to search on the same friend’s name in the search bar of Messenger and tap on it.

Step 6: After this, you will come to the chat section of your friend and again the option to send you wave will also come.

Turn Off wave in Messenger 2021

The current Facebook Messenger Apps is updated on June 9, 2020. The version of this updated app is

No Wave icon in Messenger 2021

We do not get the option of Wave hand Emoji after Messenger update. And we cannot send the wave to anyone, but there are many features in this app, in which we can create a private room and by sharing a few selected people, we can do a group conversion in the private room.

There is a feature of another pol which has become quite popular, in this you can write a few questions or your opinion, you can vote for your opinion from your friend or from your people or get to know their views.

How to Turn on Wave in Messenger

If you have to send a Wave hand Emoji from the updated messenger of 2021, then this is a trick which I am going to tell you.

  1. First of all, you open Messenger Apps.
  2. Now a friend list will appear in front of you.
  3. Tap on the one you want to chat.

how to wave on messenger application

4. Now click on the “I” button as mentioned in the picture above.

how to wave on messenger website

5. After that, you click on the Waving emoji.

how to receive wave on messenger

6. Now many icons of emoji will appear in front of you, click on the icon of the Wave hand Emoji as well.

Facebook wave

7. You can get the wave by selecting the wave in the emoji as described in the picture above. And by tapping on the Wave hand Emoji, you can talk to your friends.

Thank you my friends for viewing this article. I hope that this information and tricks will definitely work for you and you will like it. You can give your comment in the comment section below. Much such information will continue to be received from our website. Therefore, keep visiting our website. Thank you so much.

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