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India witnessed the launch of Realme Smart TVs on May 25, 2020. It is a smart TV in true sense. Not only does it support Google Assistant but also has all the other features which any Smart TV possesses, which renders it the title of certified Android TV. The TV comes in two variants – 32-inch and 43-inch. Both sizes have almost the same features to offer. The launch event of Realme TV in India was unusual due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It was launched through an online event. The digital launch event for Realme TV was hosted via social media platforms which included Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube too. Along with the Realme Smart TV launch, the event witnessed the launch of Realme watch and Realme Buds Air Neo. For the very first time, Realme has launched the Realme TV and Realme Watch.

Realme’s entry into the Indian market can be traced back to May 2018 when Realme was just known as a sub-brand of Oppo. The expansion of Realme as an individual brand has been challenging because of all the other fellow competitors. But Realme managed to dominate a major portion of the Indian market with its range of Smartphones which has been readily accepted and appreciated by the Indians. Realme is now known for its good image in the market due to the quality of the gadgets it launches and also for its cheap pricing of all the products. The middle-class section of India is completely satisfied with buying Realme products. With the expansion of Realme products in the market, it decided to break the limits and move forward with the brand new launch of Realme TV.

Realme Smart TV Price In India

Realme has always aimed at targeting the middle and upper-middle-class section of society. This is proved by the fact that all its products range between some amounts which are affordable by people belonging to the two specified sections. Following this trend, Realme has managed to provide Smart TVs with the best features at low price.

Realme Smart TV 32 Inch Price

The minimum price of the newly launch Realme Smart TV is Rs 12,999. Only the 32-inch variant is available at this price.

Realme Smart TV 43 Inch Price

For the 43-inch variant, the price is a little higher which is   Rs 21,999.

There is of course a huge difference in the size between the two which can never go unnoticed. But Realme has guaranteed the quality of your purchase. So the choice lies on you- either go for 32-inch Realme Smart TV for Rs 12,999 or 43-inch Realme Smart TV for Rs 21,999.

Difference Between The Two Variants Of Realme Smart TVs

There is an obvious difference in the sizes of the two variants. Apart from that, a distinction can be made in the quality of their displays due to the difference in their resolutions. The difference in their quality of displays does not necessarily mean the inferiority of display in any one of them.

The 43-inch Realme Smart TV supports full- HD (1920×1080 pixel) display panel. In contrast, the 32-inch Realme Smart TV supports HD ready (1366×768 pixel) screen.

However, for those buyers for whom the size is secondary, they may resort to buying the 32-inch variant because all the other features are just as same as the 43-inch variant. You need not worry about the possibility of comparatively less features on your 32-inch Realme TV, for Realme makes sure that the features are identical, providing you the utmost satisfaction.

First Glance

When you have a Realme Smart TV delivered to your house, the first few breathtaking features you may notice are listed below:-

1. The package of Realme TV contains the TV itself along with the table-mount stands and a sleek and smart remote.

2. You can easily install the TV as it has got the standard VESA sockets. But you need to purchase the wall brackets separately.

3. The look of the TV is of course the most impressive feature. It is stylish and clean-cut.

4. The size of the TV is awe-striking, especially if you buy the 43-inch variant.

5. The sleekness of the TV is yet another feature that can make your jaw drop a bit.

6. It has got a stand but you might rather prefer to show it off by hanging it against the wall.

7. It has all the port units at the backside which are pretty much covered.

8. Moving to the display and audio section, you will find Realme TV worth the price you spent on buying it. The display of any 43-inch TV would be good. But Realme offers a vibrant and bright display in comparison to other Smart TVs.

9. The clarity of the audio is really worth appreciating. There are almost zero distortions created at a higher volume.

10. In fact, the Realme TV remotes are unique and easy to handle. It is stylishly designed and feels good in the hand.

These are a few features you are likely to appreciate just when you use the TV for the very first time or might hear it from your fellow friends using the TV. Being a responsible customer, you should always seek for detailed specifications and compare the features with other similar Smart TVs at the same price.

The following section includes a description of the Realme TV designs, features, and detailed specifications, along with its market competitors and expected performance.

Realme Android TV Design

Giving the best features, maintaining a reasonable price is quite a difficult thing. But Realme has managed to stick to the basics of a Smart TV and offer a variety of options.

The Realme Smart TV is designed in a way to give an ultimate immersive cinema experience.

The Look

  • Both the variants of Realme LTV comes with a Premium Bezel-less design, featuring bezels at the sides which are as thin as 8.7mm
  • The bezels at the bottom are slightly thicker for it displays the Realme logo at the center.
  • A power on-off status light is placed beside the logo along with the IR receiver.
  • The weight of the TV is yet another advantage as it weighs only 6.7kg (43-inch variant).

 Ports and Inputs


realme tv Ports

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The Realme Smart TV has got a plain black plastic back. At the backside of the TV, you’ll find well-equipped ports and inputs which consist of:-

  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • A LAN port
  • An antenna socket
  • 3.5 mm AV connector
  • Another 3.5 mm jack for connecting any other device to the TV
  • An RCA port for audio
  • 2 speakers consisting of one full-range driver and a tweeter.

Realme Smart Tv Features And Specifications

realme smart tv specifications

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Here, we will be focusing on all the features and detailed specifications of the Realme Smart TV.


As stated earlier, the display is awe-striking. The features listed below make up the quality of the display you experience in Realme Smart TV:-

realme tv display type

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  • Ultra bright display up to 400 nits
  • The real picture experience with Chroma Boost Picture Engine.
  • The enhanced picture quality is a result of the usage of advanced algorithms.
  • Improved and adjustable brightness, colour, contrast, and clarity.
  • What makes the TV so special is that you can see the stunning quality picture even under bright sunlight falling upon it.
  • The Realme Smart TV offers you a home theatre experience with its 178 degrees wide viewing angle.

Another must – mention feature is HDR 10, Ultra Fidelity.

  • This makes the Realme Smart TV nothing less than a 4k TV.
  • The TV supports both HDR 10 and HLG formats.
  • You can always go for greater and better brightness, color, and saturation with the HDR 10 video format.


realme tv sound

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You are bound to appreciate the loudness and clarity of the Realme Smart TV. The sound quality is a result of the following inbuilt features:-

  • The TV uses 2 pairs of symmetrical speakers.
  • Both the speakers consist of one full-range speaker along with a tweeter.
  • The high-frequency range is achieved due to the silk dome tweeter.
  • The clear vocals and unique bass range results from the full range unit which uses dynamic speakers.
  • The 100w soundbar is enough to shock your senses.
  • The TV’s audio system supports Dolby Audio.
  • The Dolby Audio is generally used in movie theatres. With Realme Smart TV, you get them in your own TV set, giving you the “cinematic surround sound” experience.
  • Moreover, the settings of the TV enable you to make adjustments and achieve absolutely amazing sound effects.
  • The audio system of the TV enables you to hear the crystal clear vocals even at the utmost volume.


In order to support all the above-mentioned features and more, it is important for any Smart TV to have a super-strong inbuilt processor.

  • Realme has its TV running the latest version of OS- Version pie.
  • The Realme Smart TV comes with a powerful Quad-core Picture Processor.
  • The MediaTek quad-core processor comes with the in-built ARM Cortex A53 CPU and Mail-470 MP3 GPU. This in particular is responsible for supporting the Chroma Boost technology.
  • The TV supports 1GB + 8GB. This is extremely important for the smooth working of the TV and achieving the most out of it.

Realme Smart TV- Certified Android TV

realme android tv price in india

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All the features that the Realme Smart TV supports render it this title. The system and the connectivity of this TV is worth appreciating.

  • The software that the TV uses is an OTA upgrade.
  • The built-in apps include Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc.
  • Unlike other smart TVs, the Realme Smart TV supports Google Chrome and Google assistant in addition to Google Play store.
  • As the TV has in-built content platforms, you can enjoy 100,000 hours of unlimited movies, TV shows, and much more.
  • With the access to Google Play Store, you can download thousands of app and install them in your TV.
  • There are almost 5000+ apps which you can install from Playstore, including 500+ TV apps.


Like every other Smart TV, Realme Smart TV also supports Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

  • Wifi- support, 2.4G
  • Bluetooth – Support, 5.0
  • Supports Infrared
  • Supports DLNA
  • Supports Bluetooth transfer
  • Supports HDMI (ARC)x 3
  • Supports USBx2
  • The Realme TV also supports Chromecast Built-in.

With this, you can cast your desired content from your phone to your TV. The Google Home App allows you to view or watch the contents of your phone- pictures or videos on your TV.

The Realme all-in-one Smart Remote

 realme tv remote

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When it comes to a multi-functional Smart TV, you need to be guaranteed the fact that it is also easy to use. If you do not know about all the functions of the TV and lack knowledge to operate a Smart TV, all the features are of no use to you. Realme thus provides a smart TV remote which is easy to operate, making your TV experience less troublesome.

  • Realme describes its TV remote as an “equally smart companion.”
  • It has a curved and slim design.
  • The remote is absolutely lightweight.
  • It is pleasurable to use as it offers a comfortable grip.
  • The remote works on two AAA batteries.
  • The important buttons include volume, mute, Android TV navigation, direction controls, Google Assistant, and many more.
  • There are special keys for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. This is such a feature rarely present in other Smart TVs.
  • You also have the option of pairing the TV remote with the TV via Bluetooth. Hence, enabling you to making your remote work without even pointing the remote right at the TV’s IR emitter.

Power Supply

There are a few more details you need to be aware of when it comes to operating a Smart TV in your home.

  • The Realme Smart TV consumes power at 90V- 240V 50HZ voltage.
  • Operating temperature is -40~85 .
  • The passive Standby power is <0.50 W
  • The power consumption varies for both the variants. For the 32-inch variant, the power consumption is 45W and for the 43-inch variant, it is 74W.

The Competitors of Realme Smart TV in the Indian Market

In spite of low pricing and high-quality features possessed by the Realme TV, it is likely to face tough competition in the Indian market which is already flooded with Smart TVs from other brands. Just like smartphones, smart TVs has also gained immense popularity in the Indian markets.

A customer is likely to compare products and then buy it. There are some brands providing almost the same features as Realme in their Smart TVs in the same price range. This is a threat to Realme as it is comparatively new in India. Both the variants is likely to face more competition as it is more demanding. Also, because several other brands are providing similar Smart TVs. Here is a list of 4 such Smart TVs of other brands:-

  1. Onida LEO32HAIN 32-inch LED HD-Ready TV– Priced at Rs 12,999 Onida provides its smart TV with almost identical features just like Realme Smart TV.
  • 32-inch LED display, HDR, 1366×786 pixels resolution
  • Horizontal and vertical viewing angles 176 degrees.
  • Wi-Fi and internet connectivity
  • Weight- 6.8kg
  • 8W speaker output
  1. Samsung Series 4 H4000 32-inch TV- Priced at Rs 13,999 is this variant from Samsung which has appreciable features just like the Realme Smart TV
  • Support Microsoft Office 365
  • HD- Ready display
  • Football view for an enhanced experience
  • Screen resolution is 1366×786 pixels
  • Supports Dolby M510/ MS110
  • Supports HDMI, USB, external headphones, etc.
  1. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Pro 43-  Priced at Rs 21,999, this Smart TV has a list of similar features to offer:-
  • Full HD display with 1920×1080 screen resolution
  • 20W speakers
  • 1 GB RAM+ 8GB storage
  • Supports Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Inbuilt apps such as Hotstar, YouTube, etc
  1. Onida LEO43FAIN 43-inch LED Full HD TV- Priced at Rs 21,999 Onida offers a stunning 43-inch Smart TV ready to compete with Realme TV, consisting of the following features:-
  • The resolution is 1920×1020 pixels
  • Viewing angles are 178 degrees
  • Has smart audio features including 5 Band Equalizer, auto volume leveller.
  • Supports Facebook and Social media integration
  • Supports Wi-Fi and has inbuilt apps.

Expected Performance

Since Realme has an affordable TV series, it is expected to perform well in the market. It has the capability to attract customers. Technically, Realme Smart TVs have good hardware and software support along with HDR support. Since its launch, Realme has received a positive response with regard to its audio and visual quality. However, a few sets were reported to have some minor software issues. The performance of it in the long run is too quick to be judged right now.

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